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Three Things that Cause Masonry Deterioration

Here are three things that can cause masonry deterioration.

When it comes to masonry construction, the goal is to establish a masonry structure that will last. But there are certain conditions that can cause it to deteriorate. Here are three things that can cause masonry deterioration.


As with any building or structure, gravity will eventually take effect can cause settling. Normal settling means that the weight of the materials will cause it to sink a little bit into the earth or shift under its own weight. This means that you might see a couple of small cracks. But there are also times that the settling can cause more severe cracks and even structural deterioration.


Although masonry materials are usually waterproof when set, that doesn’t mean that they are completely immune to water damage. Excess moisture in certain areas, especially mortar, can cause weak spots through erosion. The best way to prevent moisture damage is by keeping an eye on your masonry structure and doing maintenance when necessary to repair cracks. Any water that gets into cracks will eventually work its way deeper and make the cracks expand. 


Generally, masonry structures will withstand against deterioration for a lifetime. The problem is when other materials that are parts of the construction, such as metal joints and rebar, are affected. When the metal in your structure gets corroded or rusty, then that can spread discoloration and damage to your masonry materials. If gone unchecked, then corrosion can weaken the metal components and put stress on your masonry structure.

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