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Signs that it’s Time to Have Your Foundation Repaired

Although a masonry structure can last a lifetime, if you have a foundation made partially or entirely of brick, then it sustains a lot of strain over the years. It’s a good idea to have your foundation checked if you feel like there might be any issues. Here are some of the warning signs that your masonry foundation might need repairs.


It’s usually never a good sign if you spot cracks in brick or concrete. Some cracks are small and occur naturally as a result of the house settling under its own weight. But cracks can also be pointing to an underlying structural instability. If the cracks in your foundation are longer than one or two inches, vertical, and wide or deep, then it is time for you to have them inspected by a masonry contractor.

Uneven Joints

All good masonry professionals know the importance of building on a level surface. Therefore, it’s very rare that you would encounter a masonry structure that was uneven from the start. Don’t overlook signs of uneven mortar joints. If you notice that your brick looks as if it’s slanted in a certain direction, then it could mean that your foundation is settling too much.

Previous Repairs

Because masonry structures last so long, chances are that you acquired your house after it had been previously built, perhaps years ago. That means you may or may not have much information about the house’s past, including what type of repairs it had. Check your masonry foundation for any signs of repairs, like unevenly colored brick patches. It’s good to have those areas looked at by a professional to make sure that they are still sound.

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