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How Weather Can Affect Masonry Construction

Here are some examples of weather that could affect your masonry construction.

Because many masonry construction projects can take a long time, you will probably experience weather changes. But the question is, what types of weather could be a concern? Here are some examples of weather that could affect your masonry construction. 

Extreme Temperatures

Most masonry materials, especially in brick masonry, does not do well when the temperature gets too hot or too cold. To set properly, mortar needs to have at least some heat, and a professional will know how to preheat bricks in cold weather to help this process. But if mortar gets too hot, there is a risk that the mortar can set too soon. For this reason, it’s best to avoid installing masonry structures in the winter or summer.

Low Humidity

Although humidity can be connected to temperature, it is sometimes an overlooked aspect of the weather. Moisture is very important for the mortar to set correctly. When there is a lack of moisture in the air, then the mortar will dry out too quickly, which will make it weaker. Often the pressure of the bricks of weak or brittle mortar will cause it to crumble and create an excess of dust. In Maryland, the weather tends to be more humid in warmer weather, which is something to consider.


Although high wind can indirectly affect the mortar by causing it to dry out, in general, windy conditions are not safe for construction. A professional masonry contractor will know when certain machines will be negatively affected by high winds or too dangerous to operate, like cranes. In most cases, high wind on its own will not damage the masonry structure itself, as long as it doesn’t cause any damaging conditions like airborne debris.

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