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The Benefits of Masonry Signage for Your Business

Masonry structures are a great option for your business, whether you want to use masonry for the building itself or a feature like a monument. One masonry feature that is particularly useful is a custom masonry sign. The beauty and durability of masonry signage can be perfect for showcasing your business for several reasons.


The nature of all masonry construction projects is that you can make nearly any shape or sized structure that you want. You can have a simple brick base for your sign, or you can use decorative concrete to make intricate designs. Masonry gives you the freedom to create exactly what you want to capture the vision you have for your business. 


Curb appeal is the best first impression for any business, and having the right masonry signage can send a literal and figurative message about your company. You can embody an air of dignity with masonry signage that you can’t get with a simple banner, which is why you often see masonry signage for universities and government facilities. Also, with masonry signage you have the option for getting an electronic or illuminated sign. With so many choices, you’ll be sure to get the right look for your business.


With all of the benefits of masonry signage, it might sound incredibly expensive. On the contrary, masonry signage is both a reasonable and worthwhile investment. You can talk with a masonry contractor about options that are easier on your budget. For example, rather than a solid masonry structure, you can have an industrial foam core with a brick facade, which will save you a lot of money without compromising the effectiveness of the sign.

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