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The Process of Replacing Brick Joints

Here is a brief overview of what it takes to repair brick joints.

Masonry structures are durable and meant to last for years, but that doesn’t mean that you might not run into the occasional weak spot in the mortar. Not to worry, it is very common to repair masonry structures by repointing these weak spots in the brick joints. If you have been wondering about what happens in this process, here is a brief overview of what it takes to repair brick joints.


The first step to repairing brick joints is to prep the site. This includes chiseling out the damaged mortar to a depth of about one inch. Another part of the prep is cleaning. A masonry contractor has tools specifically for this, like a jointer tool to clear away the loose mortar and grit left behind from chiseling. Once the surfaces is brushed and rinsed, it is ready for the repointing process.


In addition to repointing mortar joints, this would now also be the opportunity to remove any damaged bricks as well. An expert eye will be able to spot signs of bricks that are too worn out to properly maintain their structure. The bricks might show signs of cracking or erosion, for example. Also, in any bricks have come out completely, then this is a good time to replace them with new bricks.


Once the area is clean and the damaged bricks have been replaced, the masonry contractor will brush and dampen the area. A trowel and a jointer tool pack mortar into the brick joints to fill them to the level of the brick itself. Sometimes they are kept level, and alternately the mortar can be depressed by the jointer. The mortar has to be applied when it is close to setting in order to prevent it from sagging under the weight of the bricks. Overall, the repointing process is simple and takes care of necessary repairs.

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