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3 Natural-Stone Lies that Have Become Common Knowledge

When people are thinking of masonry materials to be the base of their construction project, they may or may not consider natural stone. But unfortunately, there have been many myths and misconceptions that have put a chip into natural stone’s good image. If you doubt whether natural stone is practical as a masonry material, then here are some of the lies that could have influenced your perception.

Outdated and Expensive

Sometimes, there is the misperception that natural stone is for an old grandeur style; and the reason for this thought is that natural stone’s hefty price tag isolates the average buyer. But that can’t be farther from the truth. There is so much variety in natural stone that it comes in many quality, inexpensive selections. And when it comes to style, natural stone is a timeless classic. When you think about it, stone is one of the earth’s oldest materials, and it is synonymous with nature, which will never go out of style.

Too Dirty

There are two myths that contribute to the idea that natural stone gets too dirty. First, it’s believed that natural stone stains too easily. While it is true that on lighter-colored natural stone there is a risk of stains from spills, it’s really no worse than concrete, and it can be washed or treated to prevent stains. But an even bigger lie about natural stone is that its pores are a breeding ground for bacteria. There’s nothing in the stone itself that creates an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. And, again, you don’t have any reason to worry about natural stone any more than you would with concrete, which is also pretty porous. It’s a given that outdoor structures aren’t perfectly clean, but with natural stone you won’t expose yourself to more bacteria than what is naturally on the ground already.

High Maintenance

Lastly, natural stone has a bad reputation for being more high maintenance than other masonry materials, and that is just not true. There’s nothing more needed to maintain natural stone than cleaning. And although softer stone like limestone and marble can scratch more easily, this is fixed with a surface sealant. When it comes to major or minor restorations, a skilled masonry contractor knows to work with natural stone when wet to eliminate the spread of dust.

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