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3 Important Properties Of Mortar

You want the mortar used for your masonry project to be workable and strong.

Mortar is what is used to hold together brick, stone, and concrete masonry, making it a very important material. You want to make sure that the best quality of mortar is being used because you want your building to last as long as possible without needing any repairs. There are a few important properties of mortar that you should consider when deciding which type to use for your masonry project. Here are three important properties of mortar.


This is probably the most important property of mortar because you have to be able to manipulate it the way you want for it to work. When looking for work-ability, you want to look for one that spreads easily with the trowel and supports the weight of the masonry units. You want it to stick easily to the surfaces of the masonry and it should protrude from the joint when pressure is applied. If the mortar is workable, it will make for a much easier masonry project.


This property comes into play after the mortar has hardened. If it doesn’t bond well, your masonry units could being to separate from one another. The two components that measure bond are the extent-of-bond and bond strength. The extent-of-bond is the measure of the contact area of the mortar and masonry unit. The bond strength measures the stress required to break the bond.

Stiffening Rate

The rate at which the mortar stiffens and dries is also important. Stiffening is caused by loss of moisture. The rate of stiffening should be high initially so that the construction process moves at a reasonable pace. If the stiffening rate is too low, the mortar will squeeze out as time goes on, resulting in varied thickness and distortion of the masonry. If it’s too quick, however, the masonry could crack. Things like climate and the material that you are using impact how fast or slow the stiffening rate should be.

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