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The Advantages of Commercial Brick Repointing

commercial brick repointing

Commercial brick repointing adds value and longevity to your structures.

There are a large number of reasons why building owners seek the restoration of the external fabric of buildings, such as brick repointing. Brick repointing aids in conservation, property value, image, resale, and helps to combat the inevitable obsolescence of the materials used in older buildings. In much of the western world the main construction materials used in a number of buildings have been brick, stone and flint. While together these things have great longevity, they do not last forever, and these components age at different rates, often leading them to need repair at different times. Periodic brickwork replacement and brick repointing, especially stopping mortar failure, is key.  

The Effects of Mortar Failure

  • The Absorption of water into the external and eventually interior parts of the building.
  • Future Frost or water damage left by the ‘spalling’ of the face of the construction materials.
  • If all of these stages of decay are not addressed and fixed, eventually they result in structural damage which requires not only brick repointing, but costly whole structure restoration.

The Benefits Of Brick Repointing

  • Brick Repointing aids with conservation. It is an excellent strategy to preserve old and historic buildings.
  • For any commercial building, image is everything. Brick repointing will help you maintain the important aesthetic value of your building.
  • Older buildings in urban or highly industrialized settings face unique challenges and threats. The effects of pollution from vehicles, the pollution created by past industry, and the use of fossil fuels can all contribute the obsolescence of an urban building.
  • Brick repointing adds to the aesthetic value and performance of any building, which will be reflected positively in its overall property value. If you wish to sell an older building for the highest resale price and get the absolute most out of your investment than brick repointing and other restoration can be a must.

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