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Modern Surface Treatments for Bricks

modern surface treatments

Treating brick surfaces is a great way to get a unique and modern look.

Looking for a way to make your lobby or office look modern and chic? There are many different types of surface treatments that can take exposed brick to a new level of trendiness. One of the more popular ways of treating indoor brickwork is to coat the surface in mortar or plaster. The result is a white wall where the bricks can be seen underneath the treatment. Levels or mortar or plaster and the texture of the finish can vary depending on which style you choose. Here are a few of the more popular trends.

Scratch Coat

With this method, a thick layer of mortar is spread over the exposed brick surface with a steel plank or screed plank. After the mortar has dried, the surface is processed by scrubbing a moist brush across the surface in diagonal movements. Finally, the surface is smoothed and covered in a final thin layer of mortar for a distressed, white brick wall effect.

Felt Plaster

This surface treatment produces a softer effect where the bricks can still be seen through the treatment. A rotating felt brush coats the brick surface in a thin layer of plaster. The final result is a smooth and sophisticated brick wall.

Plaster Smoothed With a Burlap Bag

This method is similar to that above, except that a burlap bag is used to smooth the surface rather than a felt brush. The effect is a wall coated in plaster where the bricks can be seen even more clearly.

Abrasive Plaster

In this method of surface treatment, a layer of mortar is applied to the exposed brick, then spread evenly with a steel brush or brick trowel. The surface is finished by smoothing over the mortar with a wet brick, which helps to remove any protrusions and smooth out the surface. The final result is a white brick wall that is smoothed over nicely.

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