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Brick Veneer vs. Solid Brick


Which should you go with: brick veneer or solid brick?

Brick veneer and solid brick structures use some of the same construction materials, but their installation techniques are different. Brick veneer is not, contrary to popular belief, composed of thin pieces of brick though it looks almost identical to a solid brick structure. Brick veneer is constructed from steel or wooden framing, covered with wood sheathing or insulation. A single layer of brick is built near each exterior wall and held fast with metal ties. Veneer brick does not support the structure of the house but serves an entirely cosmetic function. There are many benefits and advantages to this method. 

Brick Veneer Is Low Cost And Low Stress

Building a house entirely out of brick is a long process with numerous steps, as it requires several levels of masonry. Depending on the size and height of a structure, this can be complex and time-consuming to create. Brick veneer, on the other hand, is simple and far faster to install as it requires only one layer of masonry. It is also far more affordable than a home constructed entirely of brick. This is one of its many advantages.

Brick Veneer Is More Functional

One of the advantages of brick veneer homes is that they require a far simpler foundation and support system. Solid brick homes are incredibly heavy and cumbersome and require much more in depth footing and irrigation systems. Also, homes which utilize brick veneer have several benefits. One of these is being far more insulated against inclement weather. The air cavity between the brick and the home helps to keep moisture out of the home and acts as an effective insulating space. It can also be filled with insulation to make it even more effective. Solid brick walls, on the other hand, are incredibly poor insulators which can even allow moisture to enter the home and cause all sorts of damage.

Brick Veneer And Solid Brick Share Some Of The Same Advantages And Benefits

Both brick veneer and solid brick are incredibly durable and fireproof, making them a safe and effective building material. They also have the benefits of both being incredibly aesthetically pleasing and timeless while requiring little expense and time-consuming maintenance.

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