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Archive for the ‘ Brick ’ Category

The Common Causes of Brick Discoloration

Thursday, September 21st, 2023
delprete masonry brick discoloration

Learn more about what causes brick discoloration, such as efflorescence.

Spotting brick discoloration or stains is not only an eyesore, but these colors can indicate serious problems. If you notice that the bricks in your building are stained, you should take action to restore the damage. The experienced masonry contractors at DelPrete Masonry can assess whether your brick walls need particular types of cleaning and which walls require more immediate attention. By understanding the common causes of brick discoloration and what each color indicates, you can more easily determine which repairs are needed.  (more…)

Which Type of Brick Wall is Best For Your Property?

Friday, July 14th, 2023
delprete masonry type of brick wall

Learn more about which type of brick wall is best for your property.

When preparing to construct a brick wall for your commercial property, it’s essential to understand the three primary types of brick wall constructions. Property owners can select between solid, cavity, and veneer brick walls. Each of these has unique characteristics that may make them suitable – or not – for your purposes. The experienced masonry and brick contractors at Del Prete Masonry can advise you on which type of brick wall is best for your desired style, longevity, and comfort. You can contact us at any time to learn more about the following types of brick walls.  (more…)

How to Use Brick in Commercial Interior Design

Friday, June 23rd, 2023
delprete masonry brick commercial interior design

Explore the possibilities of using brick in commercial interior design.

Brick is one of the most timeless and versatile building materials, and it is used on the exterior of countless homes and businesses across the country. However, brick also has numerous interior uses. What are some different ways you can use brick in your commercial interior design?  (more…)

Everything You Want to Know About Masonry Chimney Repairs

Friday, May 19th, 2023
delprete masonry masonry chimney repairs

Learn more about the masonry chimney repairs your chimney may need.

A properly-maintained chimney will serve your family for many years and make it easy to enjoy a safe, cozy fire on a cold winter’s day. However, part of maintenance is occasional repairs. Even if you take excellent care of your chimney, a certain amount of wear and tear is completely normal – and there is always the potential for unexpected accidents. What are some of the most common masonry chimney repairs, and what should every homeowner know?  (more…)

What You Can Do to Restore Faded Brick Exteriors

Friday, May 5th, 2023
delprete masonry repair faded brick exteriors

Efflorescence can causes faded brick exteriors and additional structural problems.

Brick exteriors are beloved for how attractive they are and how versatile they are, but they do require a certain amount of maintenance. One common type of damage that you might experience is fading. How can you restore faded brick exteriors around your property? Read on to learn more!  (more…)

3 Types Of Brick Wall Constructions

Friday, April 21st, 2023
delprete masonry brick wall constructions

Consider the three type of brick wall constructions you may use for your building.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance the look of your commercial or residential building, you are likely considering many different masonry options. There are many ways that masonry can improve a building, including making it stronger and more beautiful, and one of the most classic looks that people opt for is achieved with brick wall constructions. Brick constructions are any masonry project that uses bricks, and brick walls are the most popular. However, before diving into a brick construction project, it is crucial to truly understand the options available. Even with just brick constructions (and not other types of masonry, of which there are many), there are three main types of brick walls that you might consider for your commercial or residential property.  (more…)

How to Treat and Restore Historical Brick Buildings

Friday, March 3rd, 2023
delprete masonry treat and restore historical brick buildings

It’s always best to work with a professional when you need to treat and restore historical brick buildings.

Many of us understand the significance of historical buildings. While modern designs may make for great places to live and work, historical brick buildings can be a great reminder of where we came from. While we all recognize the importance in preserving historical brick buildings, we may not realize the care and detail that goes into doing so.

If you’re dealing with historical brick buildings that are in need of some work to get back to their former glory, we have a few tips for you on how to treat and restore that brick to get the most out of it. (more…)

When You May Need to Repoint Bricks In Your Building

Thursday, February 9th, 2023


delprete masonry repoint bricks in your building

Is it time to repoint bricks in your building? Look for these signs.

Brick buildings are notoriously long-lasting and aesthetically appealing. Sturdy bricks and straight lines of mortar create a powerful impression on anybody. However, even the sturdiest brick structures may need repairs from time to time to stay in their best condition. You may need to repoint bricks at some point to maintain the look of your commercial building. Before committing to repointing, it’s important to know why repointing may be needed and why failing to do so may cause more problems. Read on to learn more about repointing bricks before calling the pros at DelPrete Masonry to repair your building.  (more…)

Why Is My Retaining Brick Wall Sinking?

Friday, December 9th, 2022

If your retaining brick wall displays signs of tilting, sinking, cracking, or

del prete masonry retaining wall

Retaining walls are great for your landscape.

separating from adjoining walls, it’s likely the foundation. You want a reputable masonry company to look at and resolve the issue quickly as possible to prevent worsening the problem. If you discover your retaining brick wall sinking, it can be repaired instead of completely rebuilt.  (more…)

How Can the Brickwork’s Age Influence its Stability?

Thursday, October 27th, 2022
del prete masonry brickwork's age can influence its stability

This blog post will discuss how the brickwork’s age can influence its stability.

The age of your Maryland brickwork will impact numerous things, such as its overall strength and necessary repair processes. Brickwork can last centuries with proper maintenance and repairs. This starts with understanding your brickwork’s unique makeup. For one, there has been a shift in mortar mixtures and application processes over the years. Knowing when to use age-old techniques and when to utilize newer methods of brickwork restoration is vital, which is why it’s best to hire an experienced mason professional like Del Prete Masonry! This blog post will discuss how the brickwork’s age can influence its stability. (more…)