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3 Creative Ways to Add Burnt Clay Bricks to Your Home

del prete masonry burnt clay bricks

Adding clay burnt bricks to your home can have long lasting benefits.

Incorporating burnt clay bricks into your home has durable benefits. There are several reasons why bricks are continuously used for construction purposes. One of them is that it increases your home’s curb appeal. Here are four great ways to add burnt clay bricks to your property.

Install a Brick Wall Inside Your House

You can accomplish a high-end industrial look by adding bricks to the indoor elements of your house. If you live in an old home, you might be able to find beautiful brick walls hiding behind drywall. Additionally, you will have to build the brick wall yourself or hire a high-end residential masonry contractor if you live in a newer home development. Another area to put brick in the house is the bathroom. Try installing a brick wall behind a bathtub.

Furthermore, retaining walls are mainly used to maintain sloped ground stability and prevent erosion, but a tall decorative brick retaining wall can do more for your property. For instance, a towering wall can improve your yard’s privacy. Even if your home lacks brick detailing, you can still incorporate brick accents. Get that functional, gorgeous look by constructing brick steps into shorter walls and garnishing them with plants or flowers.  

Incorporate Burnt Clay Bricks into Your Fireplace

Moreover, fireplace mantels can be garnished with iron, tiles, etc., but burnt clay bricks are always ideal. You can incorporate them into the fireplace’s floor base or install them on all the sides of your fireplace. Restoring or integrating a new material to your fireplace mantel face or mantel shelf is a creative way to upgrade an outdated room economically. In addition, an attractive-looking fireplace can raise your home’s value!

Provide Extra Privacy with a Gate with Brick Accents

Lastly, investing in extra privacy is great for your property. Integrate evenly burnt clay bricks that match your existing gate for a pleasing experience that iron gates can’t offer. Also, add large trees or bushes behind your fence to improve your privacy while focusing on your brickwork. Furthermore, you can still use burnt clay bricks to create a grand entrance. Design an arched brick walkway over a walking path to guide visitors to your home.  


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