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4 Signs You Need Masonry Work Done

4 Signs You Need Masonry Work Done del prete masonry
Masonry structures are designed to last a very long time, but they are not indestructible.

Many commercial buildings are constructed with brick or stone, and they are often subject to wear and tear. Masonry structures are designed to last a very long time, but they are not indestructible. Exposure to harsh elements, such as moisture leaks and extreme heat, can wear down brick and mortar structures over time. It is important to keep an eye out for any signs of damage and repair them quickly. Here are a few signs that you need some masonry work done on your building.

Bowed Bricks

Have you noticed that the bricks in your outer walls are jutting out or caving in around a particular area? This is a sign of bowed bricks, which can be a result of moisture that has penetrated behind the bricks. This humidity causes the concrete to shift and forces the bricks out. In addition, it softens the wood or plaster material behind the bricks and causes the bricks to sink and crack. For this reason, bowed bricks need to be repaired as soon as possible. Your masonry contractor will be able to identify where the impacted bricks are and which bricks need to be removed.

Vertical Corner Cracks

Sometimes, vertical cracks in the corner of a structure can be a normal sign of expansion. While this does not necessarily indicate a serious foundation problem, vertical cracks can let in heavy rains and lead to severe damage. If this problem is not addressed, it can cause extensive water damage in your home or business. Luckily, vertical cracks are relatively easy and inexpensive to fix with masonry work.

Compacted Bricks

Compacted bricks are any brick that has lost its shape due to bowing or bulging. Not repairing compacted bricks can lead to serious problems. They can create a hole in the wall where water can enter the structure. Additionally, a single compacted brick can affect other bricks next to it, eventually impacting the entire wall. As soon as you find a compacted brick, it is vital that you have it replaced immediately before it affects the surrounding bricks.

Deteriorating Mortar

Mortar is the substance that adheres the bricks together, and over time that material may deteriorate. Without enough mortar between the bricks, they will start to loosen up and grind against each other. This causes severe damage and warping and also expensive repair costs. Mortar deterioration can become very dangerous if not addressed quickly.

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