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4 Signs That Your Brick Fireplace Needs Repairs

A brick fireplace adds a great look to any home while also keeping it warm and cozy, but you want to make sure you know when it needs repairs!

There is nothing like a beautiful brick fireplace in your home to make things warm and cozy. Fireplaces are great additions to any home and can also add property value. You want to make sure that you take good care of your fireplace to get the best lifespan out of it. Here are four signs that your brick fireplace needs repairs.

White Dust

You want to thoroughly examine the bricks on your fireplace and look for any white stains or powder. If you do see white dust, this means that efflorescence took place on the masonry. Efflorescence is when moisture accumulates in the masonry and pushes the salt inside of it to the surface. Moisture accumulation can damage your masonry so you want to repair it if you see this sign.

Crumbling Mortar

The mortar on your brick fireplace is the white substance between the bricks that holds them all together. If you notice that the mortar seems to be crumbling and falling off the bricks or that you can pick the mortar off with your fingers, this is a sign that your fireplace needs repairs. This could be because of moisture or because the chimney is becoming weak, causing the entire formation to loosen. If you notice crumbling mortar, it’s best not to continue to use the fireplace until it gets fixed.

Firebox Rust

The firebox is the part of the fireplace where the fuel is combusted. That means that it’s the part that creates the most heat. Because of this, it should never start to rust or become corroded. Cracking and holes in the firebox is a sign of rusting and corrosion which can potentially be very dangerous. You want to repair this as soon as you notice it and take precautions so that no more moisture gets into your brick fireplace.

Flakes in Masonry

Spalling is when the masonry materials begin to flake off. If you can flake pieces off of your brick fireplace, that means that there is too much moisture present. If the masonry is spalling, it is best not to use the fireplace because it can be dangerous. Once you notice that your brick fireplace is becoming flaky or any of the above signs, you want to contact a professional to make the necessary repairs.


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