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3 Environmentally-Friendly Reasons to Invest in Natural Stone

Natural stone is an eco-friendly material that gives any building or structure an elegant, timeless look!

Natural stone is an eco-friendly material that gives any building or structure an elegant, timeless look!

Creating a beautiful, welcoming environment in your landscape is something almost everyone wants to achieve. Why not take it a step further and make it low impact too? Taking sustainability into account while designing your home landscape is something that can help take your space over the top. Not only is sustainability important for the planet, but it offers plenty of other benefits such as long term usage, financial benefits, and in the case of natural stone, aesthetic advantages. Opting for natural stone in your landscape is an investment, but it’s one that comes with many different benefits.

A Natural Material 

One of the first things to consider when looking at stone for your landscape is that stone is by definition, a natural material. Unlike concrete or other materials that would need to be manufactured, stone is collected from the earth and is available in abundant quantities and in many different colors, patterns, and more. Stone does require the use of some resources to harvest, but it uses far fewer chemicals and resources than others. You might be able to minimize your impact further by opting for locally sourced stones. Not only does local stone allow for unique options, but it reduces the carbon footprint of your landscaping. 

Tested Durability 

Even sandstone, which wears down faster than many other types of stone, is still more durable than many other materials. Stone stands up to high traffic areas and uses better than almost any other type of material, and it will age gracefully. 

Easy Maintenance 

Unlike many types of landscaping materials, stone is easy to clean and maintain! While there are specific cleaning and fabrication methods that can be used to make your stone last longer and be more slip-resistant. Most stone can just be cleaned with gentle soap and water, making it less harmful than needing stains and more. Many types of specialty stone cleaners available are environmentally friendly.  

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