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What is Acid Washing?

After any wet-set hardscaping installation, you need to give your project an acid wash remove any leftover residue and bring the stone to life.

You’ve completed your new hardscaping project and cleaned up most of the extra mortar, but there’s still a chalky residue keeping your new installation from looking the way you expected. It’s time for an acid wash to finish up your new feature. After any wet-set hardscape installation, you need to give your project a final clean to help remove any leftover residue and bring the stone to life.

The Basics  

After the mortar in your project has had a few days to set (make sure to check any directions for precise timelines), your new hardscaping needs to be washed down with a mild wash of acid. There are a variety of acid wash products available on the market. When possible, check with a professional or the company that makes your mortar for a recommendation on what will be best to use.  

How It Works

Start by wetting down the area to be washed and dilute your acid solution with water according to the directions. In most cases you’ll want your final mix to be relatively weak, but if you have a significant amount of residue you may need a stronger solution. Next, the mixture should be applied evenly to your hardscaping area where it will create a minor reaction resulting in bubbles and suds. You may need to scrub slightly in textured areas of stones, but in general, only a final rinse with clean water will be required to remove all of the remaining mortar.  


An acid wash cannot be used instead of proper in-process cleanup if you had a sloppy hardscaping installation. While the acid wash is able to remove residue and small mistakes, it won’t remove large chunks of mortar or other similar errors. While you’re completing your masonry project, you should always ensure that cleaning is done the entire time.

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