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Residential Brick Restoration, What to Expect

Concerned about the signs of wear and tear in your brick masonry? Here are a few things to inspect when taking these steps to preserve the beauty of your home.

Your beautiful brick home may have been in the family for generations. Or you may have bought a fixer-upper with masonry that had a lot of character and potential. However you came to own your home, you may be concerned about the signs of wear and tear in your brick masonry could lead to larger issues in the future. Fortunately, regular inspections and calling a professional for restoration, or even repairs,  is a simple way to handle issues like worn, cracked brick and crumbling mortar.  Here are a few things to inspect when taking these steps to preserve the beauty of your home.

Surface Treatments

Sometimes, you only have a few cosmetic issues with your brick masonry. Applying a surface treatment is not only a good way to improve the overall aesthetic of your brick, but it can strengthen and protect it from water damage and corrosion. There are several options of different surface treatments to choose from. Some methods include cleaning with a colorwash, which is similar to staining wood, and even resurfacing with fresh mortar in an abrasive or felt plaster treatment.

Other Issues

Inspection is the first critical step in the process of taking care of your brick masonry. Problems found here could indicate issues in other areas of your home. Weakening walls could be a result of water damage or a structural issue. And moisture that leaks through the bricks can threaten to spread problems into your basement and drywall. It’s always best to have a professional address any issues with your mortar because an expert eye will be able to find out if there is anything else that could be affecting your aging bricks.


When simple restoration isn’t enough, it might be time for serious repairs. The key difference between brick restoration and repair is that, while restoration may involve refreshing the mortar around your existing brick, brick repair means that you will have to invest in getting new brick for some portions of your home. But, brick repairs are surprisingly a lot faster and less expensive than brick restoration in many cases. Make sure to discuss both options with a professional so you can make an informed decision.

Contact Del Prete Masonry Today for Your Brick Masonry Repairs and Restoration!

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