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Common Cause of Masonry Deterioration

Read on to learn more about some of the common causes of masonry deterioration.

When constructed well, a masonry structure can last a lifetime. However, sometimes even with the best masonry materials, certain circumstances can speed up the aging process or even cause damage to the structure. Read on to learn more about some of the common causes of masonry deterioration.


A very common threat to most building materials is water damage. And, depending on the type of masonry materials used, there could be a risk of moisture infiltration. Although masonry structures have materials designed to resist damage from sun exposure and water, even a well-designed structure could get water damage if it isn’t properly maintained. For brick structures, the key is to take care of the mortar joints because those are the weakest spots. By making regular repairs as needed to cracks, there won’t be as many weak points for moisture to take affect.


Several masonry structures, particularly older ones, were constructed using secondary materials for added support. While reinforcement is a good step in masonry construction, sometimes secondary materials can contribute to problems over time. In particular, certain iron alloys, like those in different types of rebar, can fall subject to corrosion. Once moisture starts to rust the secondary materials then the corrosion can discolor and weaken the masonry structure over all. 


With most if not all types of buildings, gravity will take over and cause them to naturally move and settle. Settling is not a problem in itself as long as the structure can handle it. However, if there is an extreme event like an earthquake, or the initial construction was not as sturdy as it needed to be, then movement and settling can damage the masonry structure. You will start to see masonry cracks when settling has become a problem, which means that you should call a professional before it gets worse.

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