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Does Your Masonry Foundation Need Repairs?

Here is what you should look for to make sure that your foundation doesn’t need any repairs.

If you have been living in your house for a while, then you might not know much about the foundation and how it was constructed. Masonry materials are a great choice for a foundation structure, but they need to be checked every so often to make sure they are holding up properly. Here is what you should look for to make sure that your foundation doesn’t need any repairs.

Check the Mortar Joints

The weakest spot of any masonry structure is the mortar joints because the mortar isn’t quite as durable as the brick itself. When mortar starts to deteriorate, it might show cracks or crumbling. Also, if the mortar joints are slanted, that means that the entire foundation itself has started shifting too much, which could lead to other structural problems.

Look for Cracks

In any masonry structure, cracks are always a warning sign. Your foundation will have been subject to a lot of weight from your house, and with gravity, some shifting is natural. So if you see a couple of tiny cracks here and there, it’s not a big problem. However, if you notice larger cracks or see that the same cracks are spreading over time, then you should have them checked by a professional. It’s never a bad idea to ask a professional anyway if you aren’t sure about the severity of the cracks you find.

Patchwork Job

Sometimes, when you have a house, you don’t know what happened to the foundation with previous owners. Any repairs done to a masonry structure should be virtually seamless. If you notice an obvious or out-of-place patch job, then it might mean that it was done by an inexperienced person or with low-quality materials. You should ask a masonry contractor if this repair will hold or if it’s covering up a bigger issue.

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