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The Pros and Cons of Concrete Block Masonry Walls

Concrete block is a very sturdy masonry material that is good for buildings and structures!

Many large commercial facilities use concrete block walls as their main structural elements. Otherwise known as cinder blocks, they are also being used to construct private, smaller buildings like homes. This material, like many others, comes with a list of pros and cons that contractors and engineers should consider when making construction decisions. Read on to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of using concrete block masonry walls.

The Pros

A big advantage of using concrete block masonry walls is its durability. Concrete is one of the strongest materials available and is not susceptible to rotting, mold, or damage from various types of pests. Concrete is also fireproof and is often used as a firewall between rooms and other structures. It’s also ideal for wet environments because it resists moisture. The second pro is its friendliness to the environment. Concrete block masonry walls use recycled materials that don’t contain any harsh chemicals that will negatively affect your health or the health of the environment. The thickness acts as great insulation, reducing energy use and reducing the needs to harvest lumber. When choosing concrete block masonry walls, you’ll experience a decrease in construction time. Faster construction ultimately leads to lower labor costs.

The Cons

The first and most noticeable con of using concrete block masonry walls is the dullness of the appearance. Quite frankly, this material is not the most visually attractive, especially when compared to other building options. The dry, gray color gives it an appearance that doesn’t match up to the intrigue and natural beauty of other options. Although you can paint the concrete, there isn’t much that will change the general texture or pattern. The second con is the cost. The cost of concrete block masonry fluctuates but is generally more expensive than lumber. Whether the additional cost will be worth it to your building project depends on the various details of the construction project.

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