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Tuckpointing: Everything You Need to Know

Tuckpointing: Everything You Need to Know del prete masonry
Tuckpointing is the process used to strengthen and support brick structures.

Many grand and historic buildings are made from brick, as it is a dependable material for most construction projects. Structures made from brick are designed to last a very long time, but they are not impervious to damage. For this reason, many brick buildings need to be reinforced. Tuckpointing is the process used to strengthen and support brick structures. Let’s go over the basics of tuckpointing.

What is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is the process of fixing masonry joints where cracks have developed due to weathering or deterioration of the mortar over time. This is a standard process that is usually done to restore aging or damaged homes and buildings. Ideally, tuckpointing must be redone every 10 to 15 years for it to be effective. Also, it maintains and strengthens the integrity of a structure by helping to block out moisture.

How to Know if Your Mortar Needs Repair

Ideally, tuckpointing should be performed as a proactive measure long before a brick wall or masonry structure shows apparent signs of repair. But, there are some key things to be aware of when inspecting a brick structure for damage. The biggest sign that your mortar needs repair is when pieces of mortar are missing from around the bricks. Also, subtler signs can include mortar that is flaking and falling away from the brick. An easy way to tell is to take a key and run it across the mortar. If mortar falls off in small pieces or as a powder, it is time to repair it.

Benefits of Tuckpointing

The two main benefits of tuckpointing are protecting the structural integrity of the building and maintaining the exterior facade. As mortar deteriorates, it can allow water to seep in between the bricks and into your building. This can lead to further deterioration of the bricks and stones, costing you hefty repair fees. Tuckpointing repairs any gaps and helps seal the masonry to prevent water from further damaging your building. 

Unsightly gaps and cracks in your building can impact its visual appearance. A qualified professional should use the proper tuckpointing techniques to match the existing mortar so that the repairs blend in with the rest of the structure and help maintain the aesthetics of the building.

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