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3 Types Of Brick Wall Constructions

delprete masonry brick wall constructions

Consider the three type of brick wall constructions you may use for your building.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance the look of your commercial or residential building, you are likely considering many different masonry options. There are many ways that masonry can improve a building, including making it stronger and more beautiful, and one of the most classic looks that people opt for is achieved with brick wall constructions. Brick constructions are any masonry project that uses bricks, and brick walls are the most popular. However, before diving into a brick construction project, it is crucial to truly understand the options available. Even with just brick constructions (and not other types of masonry, of which there are many), there are three main types of brick walls that you might consider for your commercial or residential property. 

Veneer Brick Walls

Veneer brick wall constructions are made from a single layer of brick. These can be added after the building is constructed to completely change the look of the exterior. Veneer brick walls are becoming a more popular option for new home construction as well since they are more cost-effective than solid brick. Veneer brick walls are not able to stand alone, so they have to be added to an existing building or frame.

Solid Brick Walls

Solid brick walls, on the other hand, do not need a framework. These brick wall constructions are made of at least two layers of bricks, connected with metal ties and mortar, to create a durable, robust, and freestanding structure. A properly built solid brick wall can last for centuries. A house made from solid brick walls doesn’t require any preliminary framing (whereas veneer won’t stand without it). 

Cavity Brick Walls

Cavity brick walls are ideal for areas that experience a lot of moisture. They are constructed similarly to solid brick walls, except an intentional air pocket is left between the outer brick layer and the inner support wall (which could be brick, concrete block, or poured concrete). The cavity is often about two or four inches large, and the wall usually includes drainage holes to let out any accumulated water. The purpose of this type of brick construction is to limit the damage that can be done by water to the inner support wall. 


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