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How to Choose the Right Brick Pattern

This is an example of the Flemish Bond pattern.

When it comes to exterior decorating, you can’t beat the classic beauty and durability of brick for your patio or walkway. But, depending on which look you’re going for, it can be hard to decide which brick pattern will look the best. Once it’s down, there’s no changing your mind. But there’s no need to stress. Even with so many patterns to choose from, this simple breakdown will help you get an idea of what will work best for your project.

Running bond

The most common brick-laying pattern is the running bond. You have seen it on everything from buildings to fireplaces. The bricks are arranged lengthwise in a staggered pattern; the seam where the ends of two bricks meet is underneath the middle of a whole brick. The reason that the running bond is an industry standard is because of its simplicity and strength. A running bond pattern is perfect for withstanding heavy loads, such as large outdoor furniture and fixtures. It is also one of the most cost-effective and eco-friendly patterns because it has minimal waste. A slightly more complex variation is the Flemish bond, where every other brick is laid with the smaller end exposed to create a tighter pattern.

Stack Bond

Another durable brick pattern is the stack bond. It is a very simple pattern, even simpler than the running bond. The bricks are arranged one directly on top of the other so that it looks like a grid pattern. One variation of the stack bond is to lay the bricks at an angle to create some visual interest. The stack bond is a popular choice for walkways. This pattern is a great alternative if you want something a little less traditional but not too elaborate.

Basket Weave

The Basket weave is a more decorative pattern that is not used quite as much structurally as it is for aesthetics. To make the basket weave pattern, two bricks are placed side by side to make a square, and then another pair of bricks is laid perpendicular to them, and it is repeated in that alternating pattern.


Lastly, the herringbone pattern, also known as the chevron, is a very popular decorative brick pattern. Two bricks are arranged to form a triangle, and then another triangle of bricks are nestled inside it until you have a long almost zig-zag pattern. The herringbone is an attractive but somewhat expensive pattern compared to the others.

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