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What Type of Brick is Best For Your Project?

Before you start your next masonry project you have to stop and consider, are you using the right type of brick? While all bricks are made using a similar process; a mixture is placed into a mold, and then kiln fired, the differences can be quite dynamic. Most bricks are made from clay, but some are made from a mix of concrete and calcium silicate. There are five main types of bricks which are useful for different situations, today we’ll walk you through these.

Engineering Bricks

If you need a structure that can bear a load and have damp-proof and chemical resistant properties, engineering bricks are for you. They’re manufactured at very high heat and result in a very dense, strong brick that is often used for retaining walls, groundworks, and sewers.

Concrete Bricks

With a base of solid concrete, these bricks are great for use both above and below the damp proof levels of a build. They’re unique in that pigment can be added to create a colored effect that might be useful in some situations.

Fly Ash Clay Bricks

Also called “self-cementing bricks” these are made from a mix of fly ash, sand, cement, and water then fired at 1000ÂșC. The large amounts of calcium oxide is the basis for the name.

Sand Lime Bricks

Like fly ash bricks, sand-lime bricks are made from a blend of sand and fly ash, but then lime is added, and the mixture is molded under high levels of pressure. This creates a very smooth texture and uniform shape that is perfect for projects where aesthetics are critical.

Common Burnt Clay Bricks

Last but not least, common burnt clay bricks are the most common and useful for most projects. Depending on the thickness of the mixture, the intensity of the molding force, and the temperature of the kiln, the results and cost can vary significantly.

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