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Helpful Pointers for Cleaning Your Masonry Structure

It can be exciting to have a new masonry structure installed. Starting good maintenance habits now will help it stay in its best condition for as long as possible. And one important aspect of proper maintenance is cleaning. Here are a few tricks of the trade for cleaning your new masonry structure.

Give it Time

As much as you might want to jump into cleaning your masonry structure right away, this will do more harm than good. You should actually wait an entire month to make sure that your masonry structure has settled in and that all of the joints have properly cured. Then once you start cleaning, go easy and try to give a space of a couple of weeks to a month between each time you clean.

Cleaning Supplies

You don’t need much more to properly clean masonry than some just soap and water. Or in this case, make sure that you look up cleaners that are specifically designed for masonry care. Avoid harsh cleaning methods that involve chemicals, sand-blasters, or power washing. These will all age and discolor your masonry.

Watch the Weather

Warm weather is the best time to clean your masonry structure. In the cold, many materials, especially those in masonry, will become brittle and cleaning will only damage them. While you are keeping an eye on the weather, also make sure that excess moisture from rain doesn’t collect in you masonry structure because this will contribute to water damage and erosion over time.

When in Doubt…

Call a professional. It is the best thing to do to make sure that you have your bases covered. A masonry contractor will be able to give you advice on specific cleaners to use, how to clean masonry in cold weather if you can’t avoid it, and any other answers to questions you might have.

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