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Surface Treatments for Brick

Surface Treatments for Brick

The brick walls outside of your home or business set your building apart with timeless appeal.

The brick walls outside of your home or business set your building apart with timeless appeal. There are many different surface treatments available that can help to further customize your brick. Here are some of our favorite surface treatments for brick.

Scratch Coat

With this brick treatment, the mortar will be spread on in a thick layer. Once it is placed, a wet brush will be raked across the surface in a diagonal direction. Next, the brick is allowed to set. Finally, the mortar surface will be smoothed so that it isn’t rough to the touch with a very thin layer of mortar.

Felt Plaster

This surface treatment, called felt plaster, creates a very unique and artistic finish. The surface will be covered with mortar using a brush covered in felt. Any flaws in the application will then be filled in with mortar. Felt plaster finishing gives you a brick wall with very little mortar on the surface.

Burlap Plaster

Similar to the felt plaster brick surface treatment, burlap plaster refers to a brick surface where the mortar is smoothed on with a burlap bag. The surface of the brick is lightly covered in mortar so that the majority of the brick is visible. Burlap plaster finishing makes a wall look worn in.

Abrasive Plaster

For this brick surface treatment, mortar will be placed on a blank wall and roughly scraped using a firm steel brush or a traditional brick trowel. Next, a wet brick will be used to brush up against the surface. This technique can take a bit of time, as the brick will need to be moistened regularly so that it doesn’t do actual damage to the brick wall itself. Once the brick surface treatment is done, the entire surface will be smoothed over with a thin layer of mortar.

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