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The Different Types of Masonry Walls

The Different Types of Masonry Walls

Masonry walls are known for providing a great deal of strength and lasting long periods of time without being compromised.

Masonry walls are typically the strongest and sturdiest part of any building. Masonry walls are known for providing a great deal of strength and lasting long periods of time without being compromised. Masonry walls also do a great job at helping to regulate the flow of your indoor temperature outside and vice versa.

Masonry Walls 101

Masonry walls are, in general, walls that are held together with mortar. Mortar can be made from any assortment of binding materials and sand, blended together to create a strong binding material. The mortar can be used to hold together bricks, stones, small marble-sized pieces, granite, concrete blocks, and tiles. Depending on the skill of the construction and the quality of the materials, the masonry wall might be ornamental or very strong.

Load Bearing Masonry Walls

Load-bearing masonry walls are typically made from bricks, concrete blocks, or larger pieces of stone. Load bearing masonry walls help to transfer weight from the roof of the building to the foundation. Load bearing masonry walls can be exterior or interior walls. When you construct a building using this method, you will spend slightly less money than you would with a traditional framed structure, but you won’t be able to remodel the building with much flexibility.

Reinforced Masonry Walls

Reinforced masonry walls can be non-load bearing or load bearing. Because they are reinforced with rebar, they can withstand greater amounts of compression and tension. Reinforced masonry walls are reinforced both horizontally and vertically. Depending on whether or not they will be load bearing walls, this type of masonry wall might need more or less reinforcement.

Hollow Masonry Walls

This type of masonry wall is used to stop moisture from getting inside of your building. It creates a hollow area between the outside and inside of your masonry wall and will also assist with temperature control. Hollow masonry walls are typically made with cement blocks.

Composite Masonry Walls

Composite masonry walls are made with two or more types of masonry, like hollow bricks and bricks, or stones and bricks. Composite masonry walls are great because they are both affordable and visually appealing.

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