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How to Restore Faded Exterior Brick Masonry

How to Restore Faded Exterior Brick Masonry del prete masonry
Eventually, your exterior bricks will begin to fade and lose their luster.

Exterior bricks are virtually maintenance-free and very long-lasting. However, they are not indestructible. Eventually, your exterior bricks will begin to fade and lose their luster. This is especially true in outdoor environments where the Sun, debris, and weather work against the surface of the porous bricks. Luckily, you can restore the color to old brick and keep it looking like new. Here are a few tips to restore faded exterior bricks on your building.

Regular Cleaning

The first step to restoring any exterior brick surface is properly cleaning it of any dirt, debris, mold, and other natural elements. While you can use a standard hose to get a rough cleaning, the best option is to use a power washer to deep clean the brick surface. Some more challenging areas, such as those with mold or dirt buildup, may require some elbow grease to clean the brick and the grout joints. Make sure you allow 24 hours for the brick surface to dry completely.

Apply A Sealer to the Brick

A professional sealer application can help restore faded brickwork and bring out its bright red coloring. Using professional-grade spray equipment can ensure efficient and exceptional sealing work. Some brick sealants will require multiple coats, while others will protect brickwork with only one layer. So you should pay close attention to the directions and procedures of the sealer of your choice.

Identify Underlying Issues

Sometimes faded bricks are caused by more serious problems such as efflorescence. Efflorescence is a white, powdery substance that forms on brick walls. In this situation, it is crucial to consult a professional masonry service to identify the source of moisture causing efflorescence before applying any sealant or brick paint.


In the event of prolonged aging, a simple coat of sealant may not be enough to restore faded bricks. Exposure to sunlight can eventually strip the bricks of their color. In this case, painting the bricks is a good course of action. Depending on how the bricks are installed, you can either use a paint roller or brush to apply a coat of paint to your exterior brick. You want to make sure that you do not get paint on the grout joints or the mortar. You can also apply a sealer after the paint dries to lock in the color and protect it from fading.

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