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3 Tips for Maintaining Brick Masonry

3 Tips for Maintaining Brick Masonry del prete masonry
Concept The trick to keeping your brick masonry beautiful for years is to keep up with the necessary maintenance. – tools masonry

Bricks are known for their durability, and some of the oldest structures in history are made from brick. But just because bricks are sturdy and long-lasting does not mean you can ignore them. The trick to keeping your brick masonry beautiful for years is to keep up with the necessary maintenance. Luckily, bricks are relatively easy to maintain, as long as they are not damaged. Whether you want to keep your home looking lovely or upgrade your business’s exterior, keeping your bricks in good condition is essential. Here are some tips for maintaining your brick masonry.

Proper Installation

The number one tip for long-lasting masonry is a proper installation in the first place. A well-mixed mortar that is made to stand up to the elements is vital. Be sure to hire a reputable and experienced masonry company to install any masonry structures; this will ensure the project pays for itself over time. A skilled mason knows the suitable weather conditions to work in, the proper materials to use, as well as other factors that increase a building’s efficiency and longevity, such as adequate drainage systems.

Use a Sealant

Water damage is a significant issue for exterior masonry. While standing water or excess rain can erode your brick masonry and cause the mortar joints to crack eventually. Most homeowners do not realize that the real danger to masonry is the freeze and thaw cycles during colder winter months. This is why you must seal your masonry and be sure to use the correct sealant. Look for sealants with the proper chemicals, and always remove any leftover sealant before applying a fresh coat. In most cases, you will want to have an expert seal the masonry because it can be hazardous if done incorrectly.

Schedule Routine Inspections

When it comes to your building’s exterior masonry, the last thing you want to do is ignore potential problems. Some damage is unavoidable, especially if you have vines or shrubbery around your house or business or if you live in a wetter and humid climate. It would be best if you took the time to inspect your exterior regularly. Look for cracks, white powder, mildew, rust stains, and bulging or spalling bricks. If you notice any of these issues, call a professional immediately. Waiting too long to fix a masonry issue can result in a more significant problem down the road. 

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