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Benefits of Brick Exteriors for Commercial Buildings

Benefits of Brick Exteriors for Commercial Buildings del prete masonry
Designing your building’s exterior using bricks has multiple aesthetically and functionally advantages.

There is a lot to think about when finishing the exterior of your commercial building using brickwork. With various costs, designs, and sizes to choose from, it is a complicated process. But what stays the same is the clean, natural and beautiful look that bricks have to offer. Designing your building’s exterior using bricks has multiple aesthetically and functionally advantages. Let’s look at the benefits of brick exteriors for commercial buildings.


The exterior surface of a building is most affected by harsh weather conditions. While some other materials will deteriorate, crack or crumble, bricks can stand the test of time. They are weatherproof and can stand up to a storm. Even in extreme heat or a freezing environment, the beauty remains the same. Also, you will not have to worry about termite or pests issues that ruin the look of your buildings. 


Do you ever wonder why most historic buildings are made from bricks? It is because brick masonry can last up to 100 years. With all of the valuable equipment, merchandise, and records in your building, bricks are resistant to flames and high temperatures. Also, you will not have to deal with rotting or cracking that can occur with wood or vinyl. In fact, brick structures rarely grow mold, only when there is excessive water buildup. With a brick exterior, you won’t have to worry about building maintenance for a long time.

Energy Efficient

For many business owners, energy efficiency is a top priority. Brick is a leading building material contender due to its high thermal mass that reduces the amount of energy needed to heat the building in the winter and cool it down in the heat. High thermal mass improves energy efficiency so effectively that many energy codes will require less insulation in walls with exterior brick. As a result, brick walls will save you money on the initial building costs and energy bills over time. This advantage will significantly benefit your building and your business for years to come.

Low Maintenance

Decorating your building’s exterior comes with a price if you want to maintain the aesthetics. Luckily, bricks are low maintenance. Therefore, you will keep the look for much less. You do not have to paint or finish a brick exterior as it only requires water to remove dirt and debris.

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