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What to Do About Bulging Bricks

What to Do About Bulging Bricks del prete masonry
Bulging bricks are a common masonry issue caused by moisture leaking into the mortar joints of a brick wall.

Bulging bricks are a common masonry issue caused by moisture leaking into the mortar joints of a brick wall. It happens when the water swells and affects the integrity of the bricks. This issue typically comes to light after the winter months. You should contact a qualified mason for repairs as soon as the bulging wall appears. They will ensure that the wall doesn’t detach from the structure and collapse. Here are some tips for what to do if you notice your bricks bulging or bowing.

Why are the Bricks Bulging?

Bulges in exterior brick walls are caused by water seeping through the mortar joints. The moisture swells once it is trapped behind the wall, causing the bricks to bulge outward, away from the framework of the inner wall. As temperatures rise in the spring, the forced evaporation through the joints causes the bulges to become more prominent and noticeable. This condition will worsen over time, especially if the bulging brick can sit through another wet winter season. 

Prevent the Structure from Collapsing

When the bricks are not repaired in time, the worst-case scenario is the whole structure collapses. Over time, the bulging bricks will give in to the external pressure. As a result, the bricks will collapse and affect the integrity or stability of the building structure. Lastly, it can take up to months for complete structure repair. But by fixing the bulging bricks at an early stage, you can prevent this disaster.

How to Identify Bulging Bricks

If you notice unusual swelling on your brick wall, there is a good chance you are dealing with bulging brick. Also, if you notice your windows are no longer level with the brick and seem higher than they should be, it is important to check the overall structure of the wall. It is recommended that you call a professional mason as soon as these characteristics develop to prevent the issue from getting worse. Brick issues occur especially during fluctuations in the temperature, so it’s essential to monitor your walls during freeze-thaw periods to avoid bricks from falling.

Preventing Bulging Bricks

To prevent bricks from bulging, you should pay attention to cracked or crumbling mortar joints. A brick wall should have enough room to breathe, but water should not be allowed to make its way through the wall. Be sure to have the cracks repaired quickly so that water doesn’t seep in and cause clumps of ice in the wall.

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