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The Benefits of Brick Staining

Monday, May 4th, 2020
Here are some of the main benefits of brick staining.

Although brick is one of the most dependable and aesthetically pleasing masonry materials, without proper care, the appearance of brick can deteriorate over time. There are a few different solutions to use that address this problem, such as painting brick. However, depending on what you’re looking for, staining could be a better alternative. Here are some of the main benefits of brick staining. 


How to Remove Paint Streaks from Bricks

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

paint streaks

Remove unsightly paint streaks carefully.

If the beautiful brick facade of your home is plagued by untidy-looking paint streaks, there is a definite solution. Follow these steps to keep your brickwork beautiful. Many consider options like sandblasting or acid treatment, and wonder if this is the sort of home repair they should even attempt without professional help. Take these tips and guidelines in mind when it comes time to remove pesky paint streaks and keep your brick beautiful. (more…)