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How to Remove Paint Streaks from Bricks

paint streaks

Remove unsightly paint streaks carefully.

If the beautiful brick facade of your home is plagued by untidy-looking paint streaks, there is a definite solution. Follow these steps to keep your brickwork beautiful. Many consider options like sandblasting or acid treatment, and wonder if this is the sort of home repair they should even attempt without professional help. Take these tips and guidelines in mind when it comes time to remove pesky paint streaks and keep your brick beautiful.

Put Your Own Safety First

This can be very dangerous and labor intensive depending upon the chemicals you use, and the placement of the paint streaks. Take all the appropriate safety precautions, wear clothing that you are comfortable with being ruined, and consider hiring a professional if you would not feel comfortable or do not think you have the time or expertise to safely complete any of the following tasks.

How To Remove Paint Streaks From Bricks

1: Rinse the stained area with a hose to get rid of dirt and debris.

2: Mix one part bleach with one part water. Use a sponge to apply it to the stains and let it sit for 15 minutes.

3: Scrub the stained area using a synthetic bristled brush. Heavy pressure and scrubbing may do the trick. If the paint is not completely removed from your brickwork after this, continue on to the next step.

4: Put on rubber gloves. Mix 1 lb. oxalic acid with 1 gallon of water. Put a small amount of the solution on a brick to do a test and make sure it is not damaging before you apply it to a large area. Let the solution sit for 15 minutes and then remove it with clean water. Make sure you rinse and dilute the entire area thoroughly to protect foliage around your home. Oxalic acid is toxic to foliage and can damage your property if not used with the proper precautions. If the brick passes the test, complete step 5.

5: Apply the oxalic acid solution to all of the brick areas with stray paint streaks. Let the solution sit on the brick for 5 minutes and then rinse with a hose. Removing all chemicals and diluting the area thoroughly is important, as it will protect the foliage surrounding your home.

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