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Sources of Masonry Deterioration


Here are some possible causes of masonry deterioration.

When it comes to nearly any type of construction project, you can’t go wrong with masonry materials. But even top-notch masonry can deteriorate over time and require repairs. Here are some possible causes of masonry deterioration.

Poor Quality

Sometimes when in masonry construction if there are lower quality materials used it can affect the longevity of the final product. Especially in older buildings, there wasn’t the same technology and quality of materials available to help keep the masonry from deteriorating. Also, a bad design and lack of maintenance can contribute to deterioration.


Another characteristic of older masonry structures is that they incorporated some secondary materials, such as iron, to reinforce them. The problem with most iron alloys is that they can be susceptible to rust and corrosion. As the corrosion worsens it can affect the integrity of the masonry materials itself, causing them to deteriorate.


In general, masonry structures are designed to be water resistant. But without proper maintenance, they can fall prey to water damage and erosion, especially in the mortar. If you start to see cracks in your masonry, then you should seek repairs right away because water damage only worsens over time.


Just like a newly built house settles over time because of gravity, you can expect your masonry structure to settle slightly. Although mild settling doesn’t cause significant deterioration, in an extreme event such as an earthquake the masonry can shift and move more dramatically which causes cracks.

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