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How to Take Care of Your New Masonry Structure

With these guidelines, you will know the steps to properly care for your new masonry structure.

Adding a masonry structure to your home or business is certainly a high point for any construction process. Since it is a significant investment of time and money, it is good to know how to care for your masonry structure so that it can maintain its potential to last a lifetime. With these guidelines, you will know the steps to properly care for your new masonry structure.


Although most masonry structures need very little maintenance, cleaning is one thing you don’t want to overlook. First, avoid any harsh cleaners that could potentially ruin the surface of your masonry, such as chemicals and sand blasters. Go for mild cleaners that are either specifically for masonry or use a cost-effective mild dish soap. But most importantly, you don’t want to jump into cleaning right away. New masonry structures need at least a month to fully set, because the mortar needs time to cure. Cleaning too soon could potentially compromise the joints.

Mind the Weather 

Whenever you plan to do any cleaning or maintenance work on your masonry structure, it’s important to know the best weather conditions to work in. Masonry structures don’t do as well in the winter or cold weather because it makes the masonry materials more brittle. Try to clean only on warm, clear days.  

Call a Professional

When in doubt, it’s best to know a professional masonry contractor to call with any of your questions. Keep an eye on your masonry structure every now and then to make sure that there aren’t any unusual cracks or discoloration. Getting a professional inspection if you notice something that might be a problem

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