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What Is Lintel Deterioration and What Causes It?

del prete masonry lintel deterioration

Avoiding cracks in masonry is a great way to prevent lintel deterioration.

Brick is commonly used due to its durability. Mainly since builders frequently provide their strength with components such as steel. However, brick and steel buildings tend to wear and tear over time. Most property owners don’t realize that lintel deterioration is possible and may cause damage to the appearance of a structure if left untreated.

What Is the Meaning of Lintel?

“Lintel” is the horizontal support that stretches an opening in a wall, door, or window. A lintel is a supporting shelf for the masonry above. In addition, most brick structures or buildings use steel beams as lintels. They are not typically exposed since they are secured to the wall and overlaid with more masonry.

Why Does Lintel Deterioration Happen?

Lintel deterioration happens because lintels tend to rust since most of them are made of steel. Furthermore, cracks in the exterior masonry let moisture enter and reach the lintel. So, the humidity and oxygen provoke the lintel to expand and press against the brick from within. An early stage of lintel deterioration is when you notice areas beginning to crack or bulge at the corners above doorways and windows.

How Can Lintel Deterioration Be Fixed?

Moreover, avoiding cracks in masonry is a great way to prevent lintel deterioration. Also, tuckpointing the masonry when it begins to crumble will maintain moisture from entering through the cracks. However, it’s crucial not to attempt a DIY fix or ignore the problem once the deterioration has formed. Instead, call a masonry company that can analyze the full extent of the problem.

Otherwise, a professional must support the masonry while replacing the lintel with new steel. So, it’s best to catch lintel deterioration early because it can cause structural problems in your property. If you are worried about lintel deterioration or masonry cracks, call Del Prete Masonry at (410) 683-0650 for your restoration needs. Del Prete Masonry has been in the masonry business for more than 25 years, helping their customers restore their beautiful stone and brick buildings.


Whether you are ready to start your next masonry project or are still hesitant and have questions, Del Prete Masonry is here to help. We have the experience and expertise to get it right the first time. Questions? Want to visit some of our residential or commercial projects? Ready to set up a consultation? Feel free to give us a call at 410-683-0650 or visit us online. We are happy to serve Baltimore City and County, Harford County, Carroll County, Anne Arundel County, and Howard County. To see examples of our work and to keep up with our new and exciting projects, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

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