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How to Prepare Your Chimney for Fall

del prete masonry Prepare Your Chimney for Fall

Make sure to perform these simple steps to prepare your chimney for fall.

It’s never too early to prepare your chimney for the fall weather. Prepping your chimney for the fall season ensures that it will maintain your home warmer, preserve energy, and more. Make sure to perform these simple steps to prepare your chimney for fall.

Prepare Your Chimney for Fall by Cleaning It

Please prepare your chimney for fall by cleaning it at least once a year. However, you can still clean it more than once each year if possible. For instance, you should clean woodboring chimneys at least once every year. This regular cleaning can enhance your home’s air quality and keep it warm and cozy during the upcoming cold months.

Analyze for Signs of Debris or Damage

Furthermore, it’s vital to adequately inspect the damper to ensure it opens and closes smoothly. Also, check your chimney for rodents, birds, and bird nests. Additionally, analyze the mortar and bricks for cracks or signs of damage. Make sure to check inside and around the chimney. These signs of debris or damage can lead to fire hazards if it’s not repaired right away. It will help to hire a masonry contractor if there is extensive damage.

Stock Up on Wood Before Winter

Moreover, it’s essential to stock up on wood for your chimney before the winter season. Go with dense hardwoods like oak when choosing the best wood. Also, split and store the logs in an elevated, dry area for at least six months. Plus, avoid using resinous softwoods such as pine because they create flammable creosote. Which can gather up in your chimney.

Enjoy Your Chimney All Season Long

Lastly, it’s time to enjoy the season now that you know how to prepare your chimney for fall. To ensure you are maintaining your household safe, follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning by never using charcoal in a fireplace.
  • Use a glass or screen enclosure.
  • Double-check that you open the damper before lighting a fire and maintain it open until the fire is entirely out.
  • Finally, follow local fire codes to protect your family, home, and neighbors.


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