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Tips to Handle Lintel Deterioration

The lintel is an important part of your masonry to keep inspected and well-maintained to ensure the structural integrity remains secure.

Brick has a reputation as one of the strongest and most durable building materials you can use. But this doesn’t mean that brick is immune to the wear and tear that any building structure will face over the years. It’s important to make sure that your brick is structurally sound to prevent warping or even collapsing. The lintel is an important part of your masonry to keep inspected and well-maintained to ensure the structural integrity remains secure. But many people may not know what a lintel is, much less how to keep their brick structures well-maintained. Luckily, we have you covered. Here are some helpful tips for handling lintel deterioration.

What is a Lintel?

Lintels are vital to the integrity of a brick structure. They are horizontal, steel supports that act as shelves for the brick above. This allows bricklayers to keep taller structures steady and strong for years. They are overlaid with masonry, so they are not exposed, for easy inspection by homeowners. When you need to maintain your brickwork or repair deteriorating lintels, it’s best to call in a professional.

Lintel Deterioration

Lintels are made of steel, so while they’re not exposed, they are still subject to wear and rust. Even in your brick structure, oxidation can cause your steel lintels to rust. Cracks in your masonry can also allow moisture to seep in and rust the lintels. All these can cause your structure to lose strength, leading to warping or even collapsing. Keep an eye out for bulging or cracking in your brick structures. Signs of lintel deterioration can be especially obvious around doorways and window frames.

Fixing Lintel Deterioration

The best way to keep your brick structures solid is with routine maintenance. Keep an eye on any cracks that appear in your structures. To prevent crumbling, moisture retention, and structural damage, be sure to have a professional examine and maintain your masonry on a regular basis. It’s especially important to call in a professional for repairs if your lintels have begun to deteriorate. Not only will deterioration cause your brickwork to buckle, bulge, and crack, it can also cause serious structural damage to your home, resulting in expensive and difficult repairs. Be sure to stay on top of lintel deterioration maintenance and repairs to ensure your brick looks its best for years to come.

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