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Signs That Your Chimney May Need Repairs


If your chimney is damaged, it could lead to water damage and even cause a fire hazard.

You may not check your chimney often, but it is a good idea to do so every now again to make sure it is still in good shape. With varying weather conditions,  you never know when damage could have been done. A damaged chimney can be dangerous and lead to fire hazards, so you don’t want to ignore it. Here are some signs that your chimney may need repairs.

Damaged Mortar Joints

Mortar is what holds bricks together. If the mortar joints are damaged, that could mean the chimney is severely damaged because it exposes the bricks to more moisture. If water gets into the small cracks in masonry, they can become larger. If  you don’t address this problem, your chimney could eventually collapse.

Rusted Firebox

If you see rust on the firebox or damper, that is a sign that moisture is getting to the chimney. If the damper becomes harder to operate, that could be a sign that it is rusting so you want to take a closer look if this occurs. Rusting can lead to the flue tiles cracking, which is very dangerous because it allows more heat to come in, which could cause a fire.

Spalling Bricks

Spalling is when water gets into the brick (or any masonry material) and causes the surface of the masonry to peel off. This is easier to spot than the other signs because pieces of masonry will begin to fall off. You want to address this as soon as you notice it because the chimney will eventually crumble completely.

Cracked Crown

The top of the chimney is one of the most important parts because it is the first layer of protection against the elements. Cracks in the crown allows water to get in and will eventually make the cracks larger, leading to spalling. You can prevent this altogether by waterproofing the chimney crown or the entire chimney.

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