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The Steps Involved In The Demolition Process

Though it seems like tearing down a building is easy, there is actually a lot that goes into the demolition process.

While it may seem like demolishing a building is as easy as just tearing it down, there is actually a lot that goes into the process. The demolition of a building can be dangerous so it is important to plan well and prepare the space. Here are the steps involved in the demolition process.

Creating A Plan

The first step in the demolition process is coming up with a plan. There are different methods of demolition depending on what type of building it is, the material it’s made of, the size of the building, and what it’s near. The goal when creating a plan is to pick the method that is the most efficient, safe, and within budget. Once you’ve decided on a method, the demolition company can figure out what equipment will be needed, how much debris will be left, how long it will take to clean up, etc. You should also include an emergency plan just in case.


Demolishing a building will inevitably change the landscape and look of that area, which can also have an impact on property value and taxes within that area. Because of this, you are often required to get permits to demolish a building and the requirements for the permit varies depending on the city.

Site Preparation

This is a very important step in the demolition process because you can’t just blow up a building with everything still inside of it. You must clean out the entire building of all objects. In addition, you need to rid of all utilities such as gas and electricity, as well as any hazardous materials. Essentially, you want to rid of any and everything that’s inside.


The final step in the demolition process is actually getting rid of the building. Once everything is planned out, you’ve obtained your permits, and prepared the sites, you can successfully carry out the demolition.

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