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3 Weather Conditions that Can Impact Masonry Construction

Extreme weather conditions can really have an affect on the quality of masonry construction, so make sure you check the weather in advance!

Masonry construction can be a lengthy process, especially when constructing an entire building. It is important to keep the weather conditions in mind when planning a masonry construction project because the weather can affect the quality of construction. Here are three weather conditions that can impact masonry construction.

Extreme Cold

Cold weather can cause the cement hydration process to stop completely. Mortar needs a certain amount of heat for the cement to hydrate which is important because that’s what gives the mortar its strength. If any masonry materials become frozen, they have to be melted and dried before they can be used. Preheated bricks are a good way to prevent this problem from occurring if you know in advance that it’s going to be cold outside. Freezing temperatures can also reduce the strength of mortar, making it more likely to unbond or allow water into it.

Hot & Dry

The opposite of extreme cold, hot and dry weather can also negatively impact masonry construction. The issue with hot weather is that the water from the mortar may evaporate or absorb too quickly, causing it to settle too soon. This will also decrease the bond strength between each brick and make the masonry more likely to leak. Hot, dry weather can also lead to an accumulation of dry dust, which can affect machinery and the health of the construction workers.


High Winds

If it is really windy outside, masonry workers must decide if it’s safe enough to even construct that day at all. Some equipment is only designed to withstand so much wind, so it becomes dangerous to try and use it in extreme wind conditions. Winds can cause cranes to fall over or swing the material away from the crane, which could cause a crash.

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