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What Types Of Demolition Are There?

The ball and crane method is one of the oldest and most used types of demolition.

A lot of times, we are so focused on what goes into building something up that we don’t think about what goes into tearing it down. It seems like it would be a simple, one step solution to demolishing a building. However, there are quite a few different options when it comes to demolition and it is important that you choose the best one for your building when it’s time to take it down. Here are a few types of demolition so that you are aware of your options.


The implosion demolition method is pretty similar to what is sounds like, which is an explosion, but inward instead of outward. It is very important that the building is assessed carefully to determine what type of explosives to use and where to place them. They must be timed correctly as well to ensure that everything goes smoothly. They use enough explosives to get rid of the vertical structural supports, hence forcing the res of the building to collapse.

High Reach Arm

This demolition method is done using a machine and is considered high reach when it reaches over 20 meters. The machine can be equipped with different tools depending the characteristics of the building. The first way of setting up this machine Is to use a base that is typically something like an excavator or a tank and attaching it to a demolition arm. The second way is to attach a tool such as shears, or crushers to the base machine. This method is most commonly used for masonry and steel.

Crane And Ball

One of the oldest and mostly used demolition methods, the crane and ball is probably what you have seen portrayed in a lot of movies. This method uses a wrecking ball that could be an upwards of 13,500 pounds to get rid of masonry and concrete structures. They will either drop the ball onto the building or swing it into the building. This method comes with a lot of dust and noise. For concrete structures, there are extra steps that need to be taken to finish out the demolition process. Only highly skilled crane operators should carry out this task because if the target is missed, it can cause the entire crane to tip over or could potentially hit the wrong thing.

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