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How to Tell When Brick Masonry Needs Repairs

Here are some warning signs to look out for that your brick masonry could be due for repairs.

Generally, brick masonry structures are designed to last a lifetime. But weather and time can take a toll even on the most well-constructed masonry structures. Here are some warning signs to look out for that your brick masonry could be due for repairs.

Crumbling Mortar

The clearest sign of deterioration in brick masonry is when the mortar is falling apart. If the mortar between the bricks is crumbling or falling out, then that can compromise the entire structure. Mortar is perhaps the most important element of a brick masonry structure because it is what holds it all together. You should always consider contacting a masonry repair professional if you notice deteriorating in your mortar.

Misshapen Bricks

It might be surprising to know that the actual brick itself can become warped from a number of factors. Sometimes extreme temperature changes, like freezing winters, can make the natural moisture inside of bricks expand and cause them to bulge. On the other hand, bricks can also give in under too much pressure and compact. Either way, misshapen bricks can greatly threaten the structural integrity of the entire masonry construction.

Cracks in the Corner

Sometimes there are particular weak spots in brick masonry that can become the target of environmental wear and tear. The corners of brick masonry structures can fall victim to cracking. Usually, the cracks occur naturally and are quite small. For brick, a mostly vertical crack is less likely to threaten the structural integrity. But if the cracks are bigger or more widespread, then you should get in touch with a professional who can determine whether they should be filled or if the brick needs replacing.

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