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3 Things to Ask Your Masonry Contractor

Thursday, October 17th, 2019
3 Things to Ask Your Masonry Contractor
As you settle into the work of finding a great masonry contractor for your home improvement project, remember to ask each of them about these three things.

When you own a home, there are some tasks that you know you can easily DIY, while there are others that you never should try on your own. Electrical work is a pretty obvious example of something that requires a professional, but if you’re looking to have masonry repair work done on your property, you should find a specialist to complete these jobs as well. As you settle into the work of finding a great masonry contractor for your home improvement project, remember to ask each of them about these three things.

Are You Licensed, Certified, Insured, and Experienced?

Masons are required to hold a general contractor’s license and certifications from the MCAA. Ask your potential contractors to provide you with details about their licenses and certifications. Even with these, not all masons are created equal. When you ask about their certifications,  also ask about their experience with your specific type of project or material, especially when it is something other than the standards, like brick. If they don’t have any, or their experience is very limited, you may be better off with a different mason. Finally, ask to see proof of insurance so you know that any mistakes or accidents will not fall on your homeowner’s insurance.

What Is The Project Timeline?

When you ask about the project timeline, they should be able to give you details on how they expect the whole thing to go. This includes not only how long they expect it to take, but what the payment schedule will be like, who will secure the building materials, and what clean-up will happen afterward. You should also ask what, if anything, they need you to do to prepare for the work, so you have a reasonable expectation of your responsibilities. Don’t settle for just an estimate of weeks till completion, push for details. 

Can You Provide References?

Asking for references is a must when you’re deciding on any contractor, but those references are only worthwhile if you follow up and actually talk to them. Call the names that your potential contractor supplies and ask about their satisfaction with the project. You should also ask about how the contractor adhered to the intended timeline and any issues that came up. In addition to references, you could also ask the contractors for the addresses of any current masonry projects that you could visit so that you can see the work that they do, in-progress. 

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Questions to Ask Your Masonry Contractor

Friday, March 25th, 2016

questions to ask your masonry contractor

You may have a lot of questions floating around in your head. It’s important to make sure that you ask the right ones.

According to the Mason Contractors Association of America, qualified masons receive training to work with a several different materials, including bricks, natural rock, concrete, and tiles made of terra cotta, ceramic or stone. However, every masonry contractor has their own areas of special skill and experience. For example, Del Prete Masonry specializes in brick, block, and commercial concrete construction. When hiring a masonry contractor, it’s important to ask the right questions so that you know you are hiring a contractor who is right for your particular needs. Here are a few questions you can ask to guide your way to the best contractor for you. (more…)