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Commercial Stone Restoration: Repairing Problems with Your Building

del prete masonry commercial stone restoration

Regularly inspecting your stone building for wear and tear is vital in commercial stone restoration.

Regularly inspecting your stone building for wear and tear is vital in commercial stone restoration. There are multiple problems like cracking stones, crumbling mortar, moisture damage, and weakening walls that must be repaired to ensure the integrity of stone buildings. Fortunately, a masonry professional can conduct these repairs.

Cracking Stones

Over time, stones will begin to crack. Freezing temperatures during the winter will trap moisture inside the stone and release it in the warmer weather. Even though stones typically “breathe” moisture in and out, excess moisture will harm the stone. This is something to look out for when performing a commercial stone restoration inspection.

Crumbling Mortar

Well-built stone buildings can last for hundreds of years. However, the building might remain standing even though the mortar holds the stones together crumbles. A masonry expert must replace the crumbling mortar as soon as you discover it. Replacing crumbling mortar includes the process of repointing. Remember, experienced professionals must install new mortar during a commercial stone restoration.

Moisture Damage

Moreover, moisture damage can trigger various structural problems. For example, one significant issue is efflorescence. When this occurs, natural salts present in the layers of stones and mortar break down. Once the root cause of the efflorescence is dealt with, it’s easy to eliminate its traces from your building stones. Make sure to use a stiff brush and water to lift the powder. Also, utilize the same brush and detergent to clean any remaining powder from the stone to restore its original look.

Weakening Walls

Walls are another area of your building where stones can weaken. When stones begin to weaken, the walls will weaken as well. It’s also a potential disaster for the entire building if the walls start to bow or collapse. One probable cause of walls weakening is water damage from unresolved roof leaks. Another possible cause is the building’s foundation weakening. As a result, weakened walls and foundations will need to be rebuilt to save your stone building.

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