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A Brief History of the Masonry Craft


The Greek Parthenon is one of the oldest masonry structures.

As one of the oldest building techniques known to man, masonry construction has a long and rich history. Masonry has provided humans with protection from the elements, and helped to establish long-term dwellings. Despite how ancient the masonry craft is, it remains a widely popular and useful technique for construction in modern society.

Masonry Origins

Masonry techniques date all the way back to the agricultural age (also referred to as the Neolithic Revolution). Approximately 10,000 years ago, humans discovered the use of fire to craft mortar and plaster. Mortar was able to be combined with stone, mud, or straw to construct the world’s first permanent man-made structures. From then onward, masonry would become the dominant building method for civilizations. The world’s most iconic structures from the pyramids of ancient Egypt to the Greek Parthenon were the result of this innovation. Although wood-based construct would eventually become widespread, stonemasonry remains a popular an essential craft to this day.

The Masonry Craft

For a long time, masonry was regarded as a noble’s trade. Apprenticeship with a stonemason’s guild was the status quo for the profession during much of the medieval age. Today, the path remains similar as students must train under a master mason for four years before performing jobs on their own. Modern advancements in masonry techniques have also continued to progress the art of masonry. Heavy machinery has made complex jobs easier, from coloring to new texture and finishing techniques. Many of these techniques have allowed materials like concrete to mimic the properties of stone or clay, making masonry construction more affordable and stylish.

Masonry Repair and Restoration from Del Prete Masonry

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