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What You Should Know About Chimney Repairs

If you have a chimney and are wondering about its maintenance needs, then read on for some helpful information.

If you read about fireplaces in our last post, then you might have wondered about an important element connected to them. Chimneys. In many ways, a chimney is a completely separate issue when it comes to construction and maintenance because it is located in a very exposed area outside of your house. Because of this, chimneys can endure a lot of wear and tear and could need some repairs. If you have a chimney and are wondering about its maintenance needs, then read on for some helpful information.

Flashing and Water Damage

With chimneys, there is a seal between the house’s roof and the chimney itself that is called the flashing. The flashing is important because it blocks water from getting into your home, but that also means that it can be a target for water damage. It’s important to have an inspection if the condition of the flashing hasn’t been addressed in a while. Usually made of aluminum, the flashing is also flexible enough to allow for the chimney’s naturally shifting, expanding, and contracting without breaking this waterproof seal. Flashing is such a key part of your chimney working properly that you should start there for repairs.

Mortar Joint Repairs

On the chimney itself, another important area for repair is the mortar joints. Mortar joints, that is the mortar between the bricks, can be susceptible to cracking over time. If you can look up at your chimney and notice obvious signs of crumbling mortar joints that are even missing in some areas, then it’s time to call a masonry contractor. The good news is that repointing mortar joints is a simple and common repair that can be handled in a day by a professional.

Maintenance and Prevention

In addition to staying on top of repairs, there are some maintenance steps that can make your chimney function better and stay in good condition. It’s a good idea to have your chimney cleaned occasionally, especially in periods when you plan on using it frequently. Another thing you can do is invest in a chimney cap. It has the dual purpose of keeping rainwater and debris from outside from getting into your chimney as well as filtering stray sparks from inside your fireplace from coming up to land on your roof.

Masonry Contracting from Del Prete Masonry

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