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Three Causes of Masonry Deterioration

Here are three conditions that might cause your masonry structure to deteriorate.

The main goal of masonry construction is to create structures that can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, several conditions can accelerate masonry deterioration. Here are three conditions that might cause your masonry structure to deteriorate.


Water damage is a common cause of masonry deterioration. Even though masonry materials, once set, are highly water-resistant, excess moisture can still create problems. Especially in the mortar, water can cause erosion, which leads to cracking and an overall weakening of the structure. The key to preventing the spread of water damage is by staying on top of any repairs. If you notice a small crack, that means the water could seep further into the crack and cause it to expand over time.


All buildings that are newly-constructed will naturally settle because of gravity. As a structure settles, some shifting will occur. Chances are, you might notice some small cracks because of this. However, an unusual amount of settling can contribute to more severe structural damage.


Sometimes, it’s not the masonry materials themselves that cause the problem, but the other materials involved in construction. For example, metal joints and rebar are prone to rust and corrode in the wrong conditions. When this happens, the corrosion can rub off onto the masonry materials and cause discoloration and other damage. Furthermore, if the metal components are structurally compromised, then your masonry structure will undergo added stress, which can speed up deterioration.

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