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Why You Need Limestone in Your Design

Why You Need Limestone in Your Design

Of all the types of stone available for your monument or commercial sign, consider adding limestone to your design.

Of all the types of stone available for your monument or commercial sign, consider adding limestone to your design. It’s made from pressurized sediment found under the sea and is a great natural material. You’ll find it to be incredibly durable and available in many different colors. As a very versatile material, adding it to your design will create impact that will turn heads.


Limestone is an excellent choice for custom designs. The colors range from warm and neutral to much deeper and darker tones. Although quite durable, it can be carved into many different shapes and cut into different sizes. Limestone provides the ability to create a truly personalized look.


Because of the versatile color options and shapes that limestone can be cut into, you can apply it to many different applications. If your design calls for columns, pillars, or even door frames, limestone is the perfect material with which to create these elements. Whether you’re going for a more rustic look or even a contemporary design with clean, straight lines, limestone will allow you to turn that design into a reality.


Over time, you’ll find limestone to be durable and consistent. Throughout history, limestone has found a home in some popular and well-known buildings and monuments. That’s because it’s able to withstand the tests of time. Unlike marble, granite, or other materials, limestone provides the consistency that other materials don’t. Other materials have a range of patterns and color spectrums, which still leaves certain aspects of your design up to chance. Limestone provides more control and a product that comes out to be exactly what you envisioned.

Cost Effectiveness

Of all the available natural stones, limestone is one of the most cost effective. You’ll see an immediate increase in the aesthetic and value of your space. In outdoor applications, you’ll benefit from added elegance and professionalism. In addition, because it’s so durable, you won’t find yourself replacing or repairing your design.

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