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How to Take Care of Your Granite Countertops

With these few simple tips you can keep your granite looking good as new.

Granite is a beautiful addition to any kitchen, but it may seem difficult to maintain. But you don’t have to worry. With these few simple tips you can keep your granite countertops looking good as new.

Granite Sealer

When you first get your granite countertops installed, you should definitely consider having a sealer applied to protect the surface. This will greatly reduce the risk of scratches and stains ruining your granite countertop. Getting a sealer isn’t too expensive, and it will save you much more money in the long run because of how much longer your granite will last. Always talk to a professional about which of sealer is the best for your type of granite.

Avoid Stains and Damage

Whether or not you have a sealed granite countertop, there are a few good habits that can keep them from getting stained and scratched. First, be aware of what you leave sitting on the countertop. Bottles, for example, that have oil or honey can drip and leave a ring. You can protect your countertop with coasters. Next, always use a cutting board. Even if you’re quickly slicing a banana with a butter knife, you can still nick or scratch the surface. And lastly, avoid putting hot pans on the counter top, but rest them on a potholder or trivet instead.

How to Clean

Most importantly, you will need to know the proper way to clean your granite to keep it from staining. But first, you should know that it’s best to clean any spills immediately. Never leave something to sit because that will increase the chances of it staining. The only tool you need to clean your granite are a soft sponge or cloth, liquid soap, and some warm water. Simply wipe up the stain and gently wash the area. Avoid scrubbing or harsh chemical because this could damage the surface.

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